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School Map

School Map A. Main BuildingB. Gymnasium Building C. North Building D. West Building E. Sports Facility in Nakatsuno

A. Main Building

  • Entrance Hall(1F)

    Entrance Hall(1F)
    It is a spacious hall with a two-story high ceiling. There is a statue of Sumi Toku, the daughter of the founder of this school.
  • Learning Stations(2~6F)

    Learning Stations(2~6F)
    On each floor from the 2nd through the 6th floors, there are places for students to study called “learning stations.”
  • Broadcasting Studio(2F)

    Broadcasting Studio(2F)
    This studio is equipped with many broadcasting devices. The members of the broadcasting club broadcast the morning and afternoon assemblies from this studio.
  • Media Center(3F)

    Media Center(3F)
    The Media Center consists of a library and a computer room. There are many kinds of books such as literary works, novels, children’s books and magazines. There are also some areas to study.
  • Computer Rooms(3F)

    Computer Rooms(3F)
    There are three computer rooms including the one in the Media Center. There are more than 40 computers in each room.
  • Community Hall(4F)

    Community Hall(4F)
    This room can hold up to 70 people. This room is for eating lunch and doing other activities such as studying and socializing.
  • Courtyard(4F)

    This courtyard is in the center of the fourth floor. Students can have lunch here on sunny days.
  • Sience Salon(6F)

    Science Salon(6F)
    The learning station on the 6th floor is called the “Science Salon.” This room is for students to have group activities, make presentations, and to study on their own. There are many science-related books and magazines available.
  • Tea Room(6F)

    Tea Room(6F)
    There is a Japanese style tea room on the 6th floor. This room is used by the green tea ceremony club and the powered green tea ceremony club. Also it is used to welcome guests from overseas.
  • Garden(6F)

    There is a Japanese style garden next to the tea room on the roof. You can see the urban district of Fukui City from here while feeling a traditional Japanese atmosphere.
  • Monument

    In front of the main building, there is a monument which symbolizes the “four links with ancestors, people, nature, and Buddha.” A statue of Ryokyo Toku, the founder of this school, stands in the center. Glittering water which falls on the wall behind the statue represents the strong will of our students and their determination to study in order to be “a light for tomorrow,” appreciating the four links.
  • Elevator

    There are two elevators, each of which can hold 13 people. Students are allowed to use them.

B. Gymnasium Building

  • The First Gymnasium

    The First Gymnasium
    It is three stories high and it is large enough to have two basketball courts. It has a capacity of 1,200. Besides P.E. and club activities, this gymnasium is used to hold the entrance ceremony and other assemblies.
  • Training Room(1F)

    Training Room(1F)
    There is a training room on the first floor in the gym. The students in the sports clubs use this room to build strength.
  • Meeting Room(1F)

    Meeting Room(1F)
    There is a meeting room next to the training room. The students in the sports clubs can have meetings with their club members or students from other schools.


C. North Building

  • 第2体育館(4F)

    The Second Gymnasium(4F)
    The gymnasium is on the fourth floor, which is very unique. This gymnasium is used for P.E. and club activities as well as schoolwide volleyball and basketball tournaments.
  • 学園記念資料室(1F)

    Reference Room of Jin-ai Institution(1F)
    Several materials related to Jin-ai Institution are displayed in this room. You can learn the long history of Jin-ai’s education for girls here.


D. West Building

  • Music Room (1F)

    Music Room (1F)
    Students have music classes and the members of the chorus club practice here.
  • Salon (5F)

    Salon (5F)
    This is one of the learning stations for the students of the English Study Abroad Course to have group activities, make presentations and to study on their own.


E. Sports Facility in Nakatsuno

  • 百周年記念グラウンド

    Sports Ground
    This sports ground was renovated to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the school. It is used for P.E. and club activities.
  • The Third Gymnasium

    The Third Gymnasium
    This gymnasium is next to the ground. It is used for P.E. and club activities.
  • Tennis Courts

    Tennis Courts
    There are two hard courts and two clay courts. Lights are equipped so that students can practice tennis even after it gets dark. They are also used for P.E. and club activities.