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Ryokyo Toku (1854~1937) sumi Toku (1876~1950)Jin-ai Girls’ High School was established in 1899 ( Meiji 31 ) by Ryokyo Toku and his daughter, Sumi. Their goal was to give education to girls through the religion of Buddhism. When Jin-ai Girls’ High School was opened, there were only six students. However, by the next year, the number of the students increased to forty-six. The school building burned down in 1945 during the war and then the newly built school building collapsed because of a big earthquake in 1948. Sumi nearly lost hope and was thinking about closing the school, but many people helped her to rebuild the school. Now, Jin-ai Girls’ High School is the only girls’ high school in Fukui Prefecture.


Jin-ai Girls’ High School is located in the center of Fukui City. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the school from Fukui Station.