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Global Science Course

The aim of this course is to gain basic scientific knowledge and skills while improving English ability in order to be able to play leading roles in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields in the future. The class size of about 20 is small enough for each student to receive individual attention. The principle philosophy of this course is to improve academic performance by being actively involved in learning through student-centered lessons. Students learn from activities and experiences such as carrying out experiments, participating in field work, exchanging opinions and making presentations both in Japanese and English. To improve their English, students are taught by native English teachers in smaller groups and have the chance to study in Australia for two weeks at the end of the first grade.

English Study Abroad Course

English Study Abroad Course ImageThe aim of this course is to study English and gain an international perspective and appreciation through the experience of studying abroad. All of the students in this course go to study in New Zealand for about a year; from the beginning of the third semester in the first grade to the end of the second semester in the second grade.

English Study Abroad Course ImageIt is a good opportunity for students to study abroad in their teens not only to study English but also to broaden their global views. Prior to departing for New Zealand and after their return, the students study English in classes taught by native English teachers. This class of about 20 students is broken into three small groups, allowing each student the opportunity to receive a high level of individual attention from the native English teachers. The students can graduate from high school in three years, including their time abroad. After graduating from high school, most of the students go on to prestigious universities.

Advanced Placement Course

Advanced Placement Course ImageThe aim of this course is to study academically and to go on to prestigious universities. The students have seven classes a day and extra classes during the long vacations in summer, winter and spring. Also, they can watch the lectures of preparatory schools after school at any time by a satellite broadcasting system.

Advanced Placement Course ImageThey start thinking about what they want to study in university early on and they have the opportunity to take lectures instructed by university professors from many different fields. A special emphasis is also put on English education. The students participate in intensive English classes taught by native English teachers during the long vacations and they go to Singapore on a school trip in the second grade.

Standard Placement Course

Standard Placement Course ImageThe aim of this course is to study in order to go on to junior college or university while being involved in many high school activities such as participating in club activities and administering the student council. The advantage of this course is that there is a special entrance examination system to go to Jin-ai Junior College and Jin-ai University, which are affiliated with our school.

Standard Placement Course ImageAlso, the students are given chances to take lessons and lectures instructed by professors from Jin-ai Junior College, Jin-ai University and other vocational schools, which will help them to think about their futures. Another merit of this course is that the students can go to Australia to study English for about two weeks in the third grade if they want to.

Commercial Course

Commercial Course ImageThe aim of this course is to obtain skills and some qualifications required when working in the future. For example, the students learn business etiquette, bookkeeping and how to use computers. In addition, they have many opportunities to think about their future jobs.

Commercial Course ImageThey do some volunteer work in the first grade, they gain work experience for a few days on an internship in the second grade, and they visit some companies in the third grade. After graduation, while some students get a job, many of them go to junior college or vocational school.

Music Course

Music Course ImageThe aim of this course is to study music so that a career relating to music, such as musicians and musical instrument teachers, can be possible in the future. Only Jin-ai Girls’ High School has a music course in the Hokuriku area of Japan.

Music Course ImageThe students in this course can take one-on-one music lessons taught by famous teachers, more than 60 private lessons a year, and they take lectures conducted by famous Japanese and foreign musicians. Also, they have many opportunities to perform for the public, such as contests, concerts and musicals. They are very busy studying not only music but also academic subjects. Many students win prizes at musical contests and go on to study at well-known music universities.